Profit awaits.

There’s more to TinyPumper than meets the eye. TinyPumper puts near limitless possibilities of oil & gas production monitoring in the palm of your hand. Infinitely simpler than the legacy-style remote monitoring solutions that came before it, TinyPumper has radically redefined the way production monitoring is both priced and delivered. Cost-effective enough to monitor even the most marginal of stipper wells and installable in less time than it takes you to tie your shoe, now you have the Power to Profit™ in (nearly) any pricing environment.

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Legacy Monitoring Solutions TinyPumper Contract Pumper
Monitoring 24/7 Monitoring 24/7 Monitoring 1X per day 🐌
Contract Term If they don't have you locked in a long-term contract, they've still got you over a barrel 😮‍💨🛢️ No long-term contracts No calls = No problems, and pumper can keep his job, riiiiiight? 👀🤦🏻‍♂️
Initial (Sunk) Costs $4k -100k depending on requirements Depending on requirements, up to 90% savings over Legacy Monitoring Solutions 🤯 The time it takes to train and get pumper familiarized with asset
Monthly Fees $25-150/mo Starting @ $19/mo $125-400/mo
Upkeep Troubleshooting and repair at $180/hr + drive times by third party service co w/ special expertise (depending on issue and service quality, could be several weeks before issue is resolved…) 💸 Tinypumper is self-installed, plug-and-play. What if there’s an issue with a tinypumper? Simply slap on a new device and have yourself up and running again in < 4min. Hard to fix a broken pumper 👎🏻
Set Up & Installation Generally hardwired. Which many times means trenching and running conduit. Set up anywhere from 1-3 days (paid, of course!) Simple one button set-up. No hefty install fees.💪🏻 Footloose and fancy free🕺
Complexity Awkward, clunky and outdated technology. Rtus, plcs, comms, radio towers, gateways – is this really what you want to get yourself into? 😵 Simple! No confusion. No headaches. No bull.⚡️🏴‍☠️ Production submitted? Mail a check 📬 was site actually visited? It's anybody's guess... 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

24/7 production monitoring starting at less than $1/day

Simple production monitoring. Maximum uptime. Complete peace of mind. No long term contracts.

Easy, no-hassle installation

No wires to connect. No trenches to dig. Set it up yourself in just a few minutes.

Complete control with the Greasebook app

Watch your production numbers roll in on your smartphone from the industry’s top oil and gas production app.

60 day money back guarantee

If you don’t like it, drop the idea altogether. We’ll even pay for return shipping.


is the new powerful.

Mighty. Small. TinyPumper gets you everything you wanted out of a traditional SCADA system with none of the hassle, complexity, or expense. With its incredibly sleek design and 1 minute self-install times, now you can easily (and cost-effectively) monitor any asset in real time.

  • Low-cost, high-value
  • Self-installed
  • Plug-and-play

Bluetooth 5.0

Connect up to 16 of our proprietary pressure, tank, or other type sensors to one TinyPumper via long-range BLE 5.0

Solar Power

100% self powered with battery back-up. No electricity required.

1 Minute Install

Install in less time than it takes to tie your shoe.

Global Coverage

Cellular and Satellite options gives you connectivity anywhere


that’s anything but tiny.

TinyPumper is unlike any other production monitoring device on the market. Using a highly efficient solar augmented super capacitor solar system, TinyPumper is able to crank out data anywhere the sun shines☀️

And, we’ve included a back-up battery to keep you charged long after the sun goes down.

Whether it’s rain or shine, dessert heat or 40 below – your experience will be seamless and uninterrupted. All this neatly tucked into an intrinsically safe, IP67 weatherproof, Class I Div 1 Group D Certified device keeps you street legal well within the confines of the berm.

TinyPumper connects to both cellular and satellite networks. The multi carrier sim cycles through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular to automatically find your best connection. And, for sites with no mobile service, TinyPumper’s satellite connectivity will enable you to monitor production anywhere across God’s green oilpatch. 🙏

With 98% continental US
coverage, there’s nowhere
your production can hide!

ϟ For oil and gas producers who want 24/7 production monitoring without the high-cost or complexity of legacy SCADA ϟ For oil and gas producers who want 24/7 production monitoring without the high-cost or complexity of legacy SCADA ϟ

Meet the

Solar Panel

Back-up Battery

TinyPumper. The brains of the system.

This little puppy enables you to put eyes on your assets 24/7. Using a highly efficient solar panel, TinyPumper is able to connect to the internet anywhere the sun shines. And, we’ve included a back-up battery to keep you charged long after the sun goes down. Sensors either connect via Bluetooth or are hard-wired to the device.

 Production applications

Our long-range wireless sensors cover your entire asset to give you the production updates and transparency you require. With built-in text messaging and email alerts, your team is alerted anytime something is off-kilter.  

And, by maintaining a strict “ZERO PROFIT” policy on every piece of hardware we procure, TinyPumper is cost-effective enough to monitor even the most marginal of stripper wells.

  • Tank Levels
  • Pressures
  • Injection and Disposal Wells
  • Water Transfer
  • Gas Flow Computers
  • Engines
  • Compressors
  • Chemical
  • Camera – Coming Soon!

Which sensor is right for you?

Plug & play

Think huge. TinyPumper is compatible with nearly any sensor on the market. Which means we can connect to whatever you already have in the field (think: all your existing devices you either acquired or already have deployed…) We’re talkin’ RS232, RS485, UART Modbus, I2C or Pulse Meter Output

TinyPumper has changed the rules of the game to the advantage of the small producer, and best of all the legacy solutions don’t even have a pair of dice.🎲

With both analog and digital input capability, if you can dream it we can scheme it.


it works.

Customize your system.

Call one of our production specialists to talk through which sensors your production requires. And, we ship’em straight to you or your pumper’s door.

Set up in minutes.

Slap TinyPumper on any metal tank, wellhead, surface equipment or the like, TinyPumper has a super strong Neodymium magnetic base to hold itself in place. Or, simply zip tie it to any rail, line, or pipe via the device’s built in eyelets. Touch the button to pair with the cellular network – that’s it!

We monitor your production 24/7.

Watch the data and operational efficiencies light up your Greasebook – no wires, no complexity, no setup, no bull 💪🏻

Your production

right at your fingertips.

Your end-to-end solution. TinyPumper is an exclusive partner of Greasebook, the oil patch’s fastest-growing oil and gas production app.

Rated the number one production software by independent oil and gas producers, Greasebook enables you to merge your real-time TinyPumper data together with pumper tickets, comments, well tests, allocations, well history files, graphs, State reporting, pumper tracking and alert engine in
one centralized place from which your entire team can work.

And, because production is constantly monitored, eliminate needless trips to the field while enabling those well whisperers to dedicate time to dialing in your production. When hardware and software are made for each other, everything just works. Incredibly well.

With TinyPumper supercharged by Greasebook, you’ll stamp out oversights, strip away needless tasks in the field, and eliminate back-office overhead
making you the lowest-cost operator in town.

ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ 60-day Money-Back Guarantee ϟ

Try it. Test It. Don't love it? Return it.

Test TinyPumper for 60 days. Your system arrives ready to install.📦 No expertise (or hard work) required. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund (we’ll even pay return shipping).

Simple 8-minute Ramp Up

Average time to learn? 8 minutes (and yes, this goes for those pumpers who are 75 years old still tending wells…)

Custom Reports

Select one of our premade reports or build your own.

Alarm Alerts

Whether it’s a full tank or well is offline, we’ll text or email anyone you want if there’s an issue.

Production Graphs

See the big picture with beautiful production displays which render perfectly on any device.

Field Data Collection

Enter run tickets, BS&W draws, water hauls, track dual product tanks, conduct well tests all via the Greasebook. Now, your real-time monitoring shows right alongside those manual pumper gauges.


Real-time production is worthless if you don’t have the contextual information to complement it. Tag or search pumper comments by lease, well, or injector/SWD – letting the whole team know precisely what’s going on in the field.

Well Testing and Allocation Engine

Robust well testing and allocation engines to satisfy even the most complex gathering system.

Downtime Tracker

Which wells are down? How long they been down for? Why are they down? Now, you’ll know at a moment’s glance.

State & Government Auto-Report Filer

Yes, you read that right. We’ll produce your State and Government production reports enabling your back office to catch their breath.

Scheduled Reports

Want a report with your coffee every morning at 5AM? Got a WI partner who won’t quit calling to ‘get the numbers’? Set’em up on an automated report and watch the daily minutiae disappear.

Well History Files

A single place for your downhole and surface equipment PDFs, Word Docs, and the like – accessible in both the field and office.

Pumper GPS Tracker

Wanna know how many times your pumper is showing up each month? When was the last time someone set foot on a particular lease? No more “he said, she said” – with GPS tracker, now you’ll know the full story.

Custom Variables

Track any variable at any lease no matter how obscure.

Custom Logic

Components of a production system don’t operate in a vacuum. We make complex math simple so you can focus on analysis NOT spreadsheet jockeying.

Partner/Investor Permissions

Maintain transparency by giving special partners and investors access to their production (and ONLY their production!)

Read-Only Permissions

Giving certain users the ability to ‘look but don’t touch’.

Privacy and security. Keep what’s private pri****.

Bring the most advanced security of any device to your operations. TinyPumper comes with built-in protections against malware and viruses, and given our open API it gives you the freedom to choose what you share and how you share it. So no matter what you’re doing (or where you’re doing it), TinyPumper helps your private information stay that way.

Designed to have a big impact on your bottom line – not your JIB.

Low cost, high value. We’re oil and gas and we’re always thinking about the impact our products have on the independent producer. And we know that impact trickles down all the way to the Working Interest Partner and even to the viable life of the asset. 

We want a long-term relationship with each producer. That’s why every product we bring to you has near-zero margin baked-in. We practically give away our devices to earn the opportunity to serve you each month. 

Starting at less than a dollar a day, our cost-effective subscription model ensures we’re there to support you down the road:

  • No contracts
  • No set up fees
  • No training fees
  • Free helpdesk calls
  • No bull-ogna

Legacy SCADA, telemetry, and remote monitoring solutions eat your heart out!!👹

Fast, free delivery.

We ship straight to your office, home, dog house, or local supply shop.

Special financing.

Apply for special financing and pay-as-you-go.

Get help buying.

Have a question? Talk with a Specialist by taking the quiz then booking a call.

Personal setup.

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your new TinyPumper equipment and walk you through every step of the way by taking the quiz then booking a call.

Ask us anything

What we do is complicated. What you do is focus on your oil & gas production and investments – if you can manage your one-touch button install, we’ll take care of the rest.

That’s right. Simply set up your sensors (we’re here to walk you through it over the phone if you need it), and we’ll deliver all your beautiful financial insights hot and fresh via the Greasebook app.

We specialize in working with small and mid-sized independent US-based oil & gas operators and service providers (think: compressor rental, etc).

Anywhere, anytime, on any device (phone, tablet, desktop or laptop).

Under optimal conditions, we’ve connected as far as a quarter mile. And to set expectations, we advertise 150 feet (50 meters). Need more range than 50 paces? Simply install another TinyPumper.

Up to 16 sensors can be connected to one TinyPumper… a veritable harem of sensors for the independent oilman.

Unlike waiting around to hear from pumper or well tender, everything in TinyPumper is accessible on-demand through the Greasebook app on your desktop or from your smartphone with production data refreshed HOURLY (or even every 5 minutes!) if that’s what you require.

Absolutely. Your investors will have guest access to each well in which they participate, and your pumpers can add tickets, comments, pressures, well tests and any other relevant information not being tracked by the TinyPumper.

Oil & gas companies who run Legacy oil and gas software systems expose themselves to major risks (and minor annoyances…)

The complexity of traditional oil & gas SCADA systems is twofold:

  1. Hardware Problem: Legacy SCADA systems are expensive, outdated, clunky, and have extremely complex interfaces. 

  2. People Problem: Legacy SCADA systems require 1-2 day setup by experts (generally outside of your organization) @ $150+ per hour – and this is only where the cash and time suck begins. This doesn’t include your help desk calls, troubleshooting, expensive field visits and the persistent frustration that is oil and gas SCADA.

This is a lose/lose. What’s more, given all the hidden fees and complication the projected ‘savings’ never materialize and now your forced to contend with fluctuating hydrocarbon prices AND a bloated monthly OPEX. 

Talk about getting stuck in the muck!

TinyPumper offers you all of the upside of Legacy style systems at <5% of the CAPEX with none of the complexity, maintenance, troubleshooting or bull-ogna.

Within 2 seconds – FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE – you’ll have your answer to any question regarding production, allocations, performance, well history files, commentary, run ticket reconciliation, Custom Reports, State reports, and more – all sliced and diced and customized at the Company, Operator, Battery, Well, State, County, Section, Township, Range, Acquisition, or even Supervisor level…

TinyPumper is new, but we’ve been at this for a very long time. Greasebook (TinyPumper’s sister company) was established in 2012 and now supports more than 400+ oil and gas operators (small ma & pops and publicly traded companies alike) across 20 States and is the fastest growing production software in the patch.

TinyPumper corporate outpost is proudly located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The TinyPumper helpdesk is fully staffed by Petroleum Engineers, Geologists, and Completions Experts Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST. 

And, we have a real-time chat through which most questions are answered in 2 minutes or less. We aim to complete all callbacks within two hours of scheduling.

Of course, your Dashboard and Reports are available to you 24/7.

We value your time, and the TinyPumper installation takes about 8 minutes to complete.

If you’d like, we’ll jump on the phone with you or your pumper and walk you through your installation.

Once installed, your TinyPumper sensors begin to auto-calibrate over the next 2-3 days. As soon as they’re ready and everything has been reviewed by our team of experts, that beautiful juicy data begins to flow to your Greasebook — typically within one week of installation.

Let us help you get out of your own way. Simply answer a schedule a call, and one of our production experts will assign a field tech to turn-key your entire set up for you. Bada bing.

That’s not a question, but actually no.

For comparison, the average Legacy SCADA System has hardware fees ranging from $4k to $100K+. 

And, the average pumper demands anywhere from $125 to $400 per month.

TinyPumper starts at $19/mo.

So, we’re actually kind of a bargain.

TinyPumper’s pricing is contingent upon the following:

1. How often you require production updates (every 8 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour or sub 1 hour), and

2. Whether you use our sensors or tying into existing systems/hardware in the field.

TinyPumper has a strict “Zero Profit” policy on all sensors we sell. You find something cheaper, let us know and we’ll do our best to match it. If we can’t, it’s probably not something you’ll want to deploy in your operations.

We offer a 60 day, money-back guarantee trial. Don’t like it? Let us know and drop the idea altogether… however, if you’re anything like our other 400+ operators you’ll be begging us for more.

Product picture
From $299
Bluetooth Connectivity – no, this ain’t your run-of-the-mill bluetooth. This is long-range Bluetooth 5.0 connecting up to 16 sensors to one TinyPumper.

•  24/7 access to data at Greasebook or local SCADA system

•  LTE-M1/NB-IoT Gateway

•  Multi-carrier SIM

•  Solar augmented super capacitor power system

•  Integrated temperature and barometric pressure sensor

•  BLE Bluetooth low Energy

•  1 Analog Input & 1 Digital Grounding Input

•  Alarm capable

•  Intrinsically safe: Class I Div 1 Group D Certified

•  Compatible with any industry standard sensor technology

•  Multi-sensor RS232, RS485 deployment/UART Modbus, I2C

•  GPS enabled for mobile asset tracking

•  The custom IP67 enclosure eliminates any concern regarding water or other weather intrusion

•  TinyPumper operates globally at temperatures between -40C ⛄️ and 70C 🌵🏜

•  Installation of the TinyPumper is as easy as slapping it on any metal surface. Device has built-in high strength magnets which secure it in place. What if  a metal surface is not available? Simply secure it with zip ties through the builtin eyelets or permanently mount the device with 4x screws.